Political Polls are Boring and Mostly Pointless

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how-do-i-vote-everything-you-need-to-know-by-state-73091If you have been following the 2014 elections then you know by now that there are literally thousands of political polls.  Depending on who you support you can find a poll to support your claim that the candidate you want elected is projected to win.  Most of these polls are crap, and they only fuel the media outlets.  This post from Reason.com explains how the Senate Polls were wrong.

Most of you are like me, and are sick of these political polls.  Why not take a break and enjoy some actually entertaining polls, guaranteed to make you laugh.  Of course I am talking about Wonder Polls!  One of the best Would You Rather, This or That, Yes or No type polling websites around.  So stop wasting time reading this boring post and go check out some hilariously fun questions!


Sensor Tower – A developers review

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Screenshot 2014-03-10 14.48.23

Screenshot of Keyword Rankings

I am an independent developer just started out in the world of app development.  I needed a quick way to track my app stats, and check out my competitors strategies.  If you have ever used the website Alexa.com you know how important it is to be able to track a competitors website.  But what about Apps?  That is when a simple Google search led me to SensorTower.com

When I found Sensor Tower I thought it was like all the other “track your app stats” websites out there.  What I didn’t know what how detailed, and intricate the information was, and how well it was going to give me an advantage over my competitors.   I started using Sensor Tower in December 2013, and made some suggested app store changes in January.  You can see from the graph that it certainly helped!


Screenshot of Keyword Suggestions

I spend a lot of my time developing and designing my app, and the last thing I wanted to do was brainstorm on what keywords to use.  Another great feature about Sensor Tower was the Keyword Suggestions tool.  It pulls from your existing keywords and gives your suggestions along with traffic and difficulty numbers to help you decide what is best for you.

Having the ability to search any competitors app and see what keywords they are using compared to your app is incredible!  I have spent countless hours researching other apps and seeing what they have done.  This feature alone is worth the free signup.


Screenshot of Keyword Spy

I really think Sensor Tower is an invaluable tool for me.  It has most definitely helped in getting my app recognized.  If you are an app developer, and you want to get a leg up on the competition then check out SensorTower.com, but not if you are a social polling app. :)

Watch this short video on how Sensor Tower can help you take your app to the top of the charts!


Now Kindle users can join the fun

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What??  Wonder Polls is now available on the Amazon App store and can be downloaded to your Kindle.  Yes!  You can read that again, What?? Wonder Polls… ok, we are not doing that.  So if you have a Kindle then why are you still reading this?  Seriously?  Go download it.


This version is very much like all the other versions of Wonder Polls.  We try to keep that continuity flowing.